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  • Raffaella Ferretti

    Raffaella Ferretti

    50+, Italian. MA in English Lit. Bilingual writer. Poet. Freelancer. Teacher, Cellist for hobby. BeingWriters and GiaB editor. raffaellaferrettiwriter@gmail.com

  • Amy Lee Kite

    Amy Lee Kite

    Writer and editor. Author of children’s books on tough topics. Read, breathe, write, laugh, love, repeat. www.amyleekite.com

  • Prakhar Kaushik

    Prakhar Kaushik

  • Casey A.

    Casey A.

    I’m just trying to learn as much as I can when I’m here. I also like to write about it. I write mostly about love, relationships, attachment, and consciousness.

  • Purvee Chauhan

    Purvee Chauhan

    There is an extraordinary power in being truly educated. Harvard EdM | NYU Research | TFI | EdTech

  • Mauricio Mireles

    Mauricio Mireles

    Mexican filmmaker who lives in London and likes writing poetry. All pictures taken by me. https://vimeo.com/user24589036 https://www.instagram.com/maumireles/

  • Pavithraa Swaminathan

    Pavithraa Swaminathan

  • Apoorva Narendrababu

    Apoorva Narendrababu

    Self-discovery journal; Learner, Dreamer, Believer. Self- proclaimed spiritual junkie. Love fanatic — it’s not what you look for, but it’s what you have.

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