My mind begins to form sentences before you and I have finished

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I can see the sentences forming
before our kiss has finished
before the meal looked #nofilter worthy
before your eyes have stopped twinkling

I think in words and they bubble
before the water has risen enough to settle
I can see the metaphor has already gained a shape
Look — look at the verse choosing its length like her wedding dress

The rhythm is chosen before I’ve been drowned
Somehow we finished — the kiss the meal the talk
And I ran to catch the ball before the air deflates
Before the waters settle into poetic oblivion

What if I told you that you could strike off more than half of your to-do list?

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You can. And you must.

How? Enter: essentialism.

Essentialism by Greg McKeown is one of the few self-help books I recommend.

What’s the idea?

The primary idea of the book is that only a few things truly matter. That should be your one takeaway, if nothing else.

McKeown talks about essentialism being the…

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